These tips will help you find success through executive coaching.

When it comes to locating a solid executive coach, it’s all about finding the right fit to help you maximize your potential. While many coaching services provide a boilerplate approach to coaching, Vantage helps you understand and build on what you’re good at, making your weaknesses either disappear or become irrelevant.

Coaching is a partnership between you and your coach that includes a transfer of information, expertise, and support. Coaching is proven to lead to better relationships both internally and with clients, increased job satisfaction, and greater organizational commitment.

We know this whole process can feel overwhelming but it’s a good place to be! Take a moment to look over these tips for finding success through executive coaching:

Issues Are Issues

You might think your issues are unique because of your industry or location, but in all honestly, your growth issues aren’t any different than what most companies face.

When looking for a coach, be sure to find one who knows how to grow and run a business. It doesn’t matter if they offer international prestige or local accolades, a good coach understands growth issues whether big, small, new, or old because all companies face similar core hurdles.

Leaders in certain stages of growth tend to have very common issues and can gain a new perspective and plan of action with a Growth X-Ray™. Through a process where the leadership uncovers “hidden agents” creating obstacles to a company’s growth, a diagnosis and treatment plan are employed to offer outcomes that impact both the organization and the leadership style of the executive team and CEO. In time you will develop a deep understanding of where your company is in its current stage of growth and compare the company’s view with the ‘ideal’ company for that stage growth.

Meaningful Measurable Goals

Sometimes setting realistic goals can feel like taking a step back but know that it’s all part of the process that will help you and your business in the long run. Your coach should help you set both meaningful and measurable goals, as well as work alongside you to keep you accountable.

When coaching based on goals, a coach should be objective in their assessments of your skills, blind spots, and gaps, as well as transparent in their suggested solutions and support. You must be able to “see” your progress and the related progress of your organization. Measuring growth is vital to coaching success because it offers a real-time look at how you’re doing and what you need to work toward.

At Vantage we find that helping to set meaningful and measurable goals, as well as holding you accountable, is of great benefit to business owners and executives. Oftentimes, if it doesn’t get measured, it doesn’t get done, and we want to make sure that doesn’t happen to you.


Get Real

Coaching should be raw and to the point. Your coach shouldn’t simply lead you through nice conversations and offer a sympathetic ear, rather they should help you develop your leadership and strategic thinking skills by giving you an honest look at your leadership style and working with you to enhance what you excel at in order to continue to grow your strengths.

Regardless of the issues your company faces, you need meaningful measurable goals and accountability in order to help your company grow. Proper coaching helps you perform at your optimum level, no matter what challenges come along. Click here to learn more about Vantage Executive Coaching.