We have recruited for a variety of top positions for our clients. During our past 8 years of recruiting, all of the people we have placed have stayed. This translates into tremendous cost savings for our clients and a high retention rate of top performers. We even follow up on new hires several months after the placement to check up on satisfaction levels, effectiveness of the on-boarding process, and ways management can more effectively plan and set goals with the new hire. All this is backed by a unique industry guarantee.


  • CEO for a Third Generation Family-owned Business
  • CFO for a Mortgage Services Company
  • COO for an Insurance Brokerage Company
  • Vice President of Sales for a Food Distribution Company
  • Vice President of Marketing for a Home Products Manufacturer
  • Vice President of Human Resources for a Fuel Refinery Company
  • Tier 3 Technology Engineer for an IT Company
  • Vice President of Sales for a Technology Company
  • Director of Sales for a Pharmaceutical Company

Find Out More About How Our Recruiting Process is Unique:


We have been working with The Vantage Group for four years and what it has meant to us in choosing the right candidate for positions and developing teams has been enormous. With their help, we have cut the cost of turnover by 60% thus helping with our bottom line expenses and above all choosing the right people for positions within the company.

Gary Miller

CEO, VQ Interactive Solutions

The Vantage Group’s unique benchmarking and executive search process found us not only the best skilled executive talent, but talent that was closely aligned with our company’s core values.

Paul Kik

CEO, Noble Co

Our unique talent recruitment process has resulted in 95% retention, of all positions filled, 10 years in a row.


A mortgage company was experiencing over 300% turnover annually among their sales department. The position was benchmarked and the top 5 sales people were compared to the benchmark. Turnover was reduced 250% in just 6 months after they used our assessments for their hiring standard.


A service organization was losing 60% of all new hires during their first 60 days on the job. Using our tools, they changed the hiring process resulting in no turnover for the last 60 days.


One company ran 120 people through the Success Discovery Process and had a 50% increase in employee satisfaction.


Another company ran reports but did not go over the reports on a one-to-one basis and still showed a 26% increase in employee satisfaction.


Another company was losing 50% of their new hires during the training program. Benchmarking the job and bringing in the right people increased retention to 80%.


An organization had a 74% turnover in their sales force. After the benchmarking and debriefing, they reduced that number to zero during the last 18 months.

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