Helping organizations implement innovative solutions.

Change Management Consultants assist organizational leaders with project planning, resource optimization assessment, strategic employee communications, and training on new processes and systems. Just-in-time training and strategically timed communication supports employees and provides them with the skills they need to achieve key implementation goals for project success. Successfully implementing your innovative solution to today’s problem will create capacity for tackling tomorrow’s complex challenges.

Change Management Consultants work with business leaders to discuss organizational pain points, apply creative problem solving, evaluate available resources, and develop action plans. A client-centered design will emerge that is people-powered in execution and future-focused in delivery. Change Management Consultants specialize in creating action-oriented deliverables that focus on achieving business objectives.


Listen & Learn Pain



Diagnose & Develop Plan



Execute & Manage Process

Change Management Consulting Principles

Client-Centered Orientation

  • Partnering to understand the main business challenge
  • Performing stakeholder or root-cause analysis
  • Identifying critical knowledge, skills, and expertise needed (internal/external)
  • Defining measurable project success criteria
  • Understanding the big picture and how the pieces fit together before designing a plan

Experience-based design

  • Applying best-practices and experience to action plan development
  • Incorporating research-based solutions to increase success outcomes
  • Evaluating the optimal resource availability mix (internal/external)
  • Knowing when to add, change, or remove members from a service team
  • Anticipating problems and developing innovative solutions when issues emerge

Strong project communication & Coordination

  • Determining and developing a stakeholder communication plan
  • Involving representatives across the organization, as appropriate, to increase buy-in
  • Committing to honest and clear communication to ensure project transparency
  • Setting realistic expectations and encouraging perseverance when things go awry

future-focused deliverables

  • Working with key company members throughout the project to ensure knowledge transfer
  • Staying focused on key business outcomes and business results
  • Preventing the project from going off-track or getting sidelined due to lack of progress
  • Remembering that people are the most important element for driving business success
  • Including a “lessons learned” component during project debrief to articulate, document, and transfer knowledge gained from the project to the organization

Is Your Organization Ready for Change?

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While working with The Vantage Group over the past five years, my company has grown an additional $2.5MM, we’ve established a national client base, and our net margin as a percent of revenue doubled. Their advice, sympathetic ear, external perspective, and occasional kick-in-the-pants has been a critical part of our success.

Carl Erickson

CEO, Atomic Object


Our mission is to engage leaders in creating an environment for their people to flourish and therefore own and deliver their part in the strategy of the organization.

The result is a unified team that has high morale, clarity of purpose and focused goal execution and an organization that attracts top talent as well as “raving fan” customers.

Vantage has been instrumental in helping us with our succession planning. We now have a clear roadmap for development and leadership preparation for future generations of our family.

Cliff Meeuwsen