Can your people articulate your organization’s value proposition?

Does your organization have a compelling vision and strong values?

Are you positioning your company for longevity and growth?

Do you have a vision statement and values that were written years ago and have been set on a shelf collecting dust ever since?

Having a clear vision and stated values sets the stage for a well-defined purpose and value proposition.  It’s critical for creating alignment across your organization and the people that make your business tick. A vision informs the team where they are going while values establish who they are as a team. The vision is the “why” behind the idea, the business or a specific team. Along with vision, the values are the “how” you show up for each other, your customers, and your business every day. The values of an organization must be communicated often so they are actual, instead of just aspirational. Great companies bring their values into their organization daily, revisit them regularly, and aspire to have everyone believing in and embodying them.

Why Talk About Vision and Values Together?

If you want to be a successful business and thrive you need to invest in both your vision statements and values at all levels within your company to be great. When businesses only invest in their vision, they will crumble under pressure. Companies that only focus on their values will never truly get off the ground.

Which of the 4 quadrants are you currently sitting in? If you find yourself sitting in any quadrant other than High Vision and High Values, you need to think about how you got there and what can be done to move you to more fertile ground:

Orange and white vision and values graphic

What Would it Be Like if Your Organization Had a Compelling Vision and Strong Values? How Different Would it Feel if Your People Could Articulate, Believe in, and Embody Your Vision and Values Every Day?


Through our vision and values workshops, we help you identify what quadrant you are currently sitting in and develop a plan to help move you to the ideal quadrant of “Unlimited Good”. We will work with you to define what great looks like, what your climate is considering enablers and obstacles to an ideal state. We will help you define or refine your vision that answers who you are, why you work on your team or for your business and ultimately, what you are trying to accomplish. What’s your mantra, Tagline, or Hashtag that you all rally around? From there, we will work with you to define or refine your values, making clear the expectations of “How” you and your people should show up every day for each other and the customers you all serve. Additionally, we’ll work with you to gain clarity on how you should prioritize work and decisions for your business.


Like a waterfall, the Vision and Values of your business needs to continuously flow down on to each business unit and team member within your organization. Those business units and team members need to align their vision and values in response to the overarching business to create consistent and inspirational meaning at all layers of your business.


When You Achieve the Waterfall Effect of Vision and Values, You Will Find the Top Priority of a Healthy Thriving Organization, Purpose, Flourishing in Your Business. 

While working with The Vantage Group over the past five years, my company has grown an additional $2.5MM, we’ve established a national client base, and our net margin as a percent of revenue doubled. Their advice, sympathetic ear, external perspective, and occasional kick-in-the-pants has been a critical part of our success.

Carl Erickson

CEO, Atomic Object


Our mission is to engage leaders in creating an environment for their people to flourish and therefore own and deliver their part in the strategy of the organization. 

The result is a unified team that has high morale, clarity of purpose and focused goal execution and an organization that attracts top talent as well as “raving fan” customers.

Vantage has been instrumental in helping us with our succession planning. We now have a clear roadmap for development and leadership preparation for future generations of our family.

Cliff Meeuwsen