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In 2015, The Vantage Group set a goal to make a positive impact by donating the use of its assessments to those in need and in underserved communities through its 200 Lives Project. These complimentary assessments are being used at non-profits, in families and in outreach organizations around our community.

During community service projects, we have given our time and expertise to impact the lives of employees, students, families, non-profit organizations, youth groups and many others. If you know of an organization that could benefit from this help, please contact us today to tell us more about it and how they can apply for our help.

100 Businesses That Care is a group of West Michigan-based companies who want to make an impact on our local community. We are currently recruiting members who would like to join us in this exciting new endeavor. The “100 Who Care” model has been used throughout Michigan and across the country as a way for like-minded people to make relatively small charitable contributions that when combined create a large impact.

The Vantage Group partners with A.Y.A. Youth Collective in our community to support the needs of youth that are experiencing homelessness and need a safe place to connect and get access to key resources and have safe housing.

A.Y.A. Youth Collective creates safe spaces for youth in crisis to belong, be themselves and build a future. We create circles of support for 14- to 24-year-olds facing homelessness or instability—from drop-in opportunities to rest, recharge and meet everyday needs in a caring community to safe, affordable housing with peers and mentors who partner in their transition to stability. We are here to help young people connect to the resources, relationships, and housing they need at any point on their journey.

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