For leaders seeking an immersive, development experience ready to build on their strengths, bring out the best in their teams and lead with a people first approach, our hands-on program helps leaders to build a strong foundation of leadership competencies. Each part of the Complete Leader program can be done in whole or in parts, depending on the needs of your organization.

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Leaders Are Clear Thinkers


Thinking clearly is a key tenant of the ability to lead both yourself and others. This dimension helps to build a strong foundation that supports the merits of leadership progression. In this module you will find numerous ideas, tips, and resources to improve your thinking—spanning futuristic and creative thinking, to the more practical areas of planning and problem-solving. You will also learn strategies to help you sharpen the thinking skills that will be needed by tomorrow’s leaders, and to learn to think clearly in an increasingly complex world.

Leaders Lead Themselves


Those who want to be great leaders must first demonstrate that they can lead themselves. Self-leadership involves demonstrating self-control and managing time and priorities well. This dimension focuses on the five competencies that help leaders lead themselves—such as personal accountability, resiliency, and flexibility—and gives you a roadmap to effective self-leadership. In this module, you will find tools, insights, and tips to help you develop the skills necessary to optimally lead yourself and ultimately others.

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Leaders Lead Others


The opportunity for greatness exists when people come together to achieve something worthwhile, but without quality leadership, people cannot come together effectively. This section is the most extensive because the core capability of a true leader is the ability to effectively lead people—essentially, to get things done through the efforts of others. In this module, you will discover the skills needed to deal effectively with others, such as diplomacy, negotiation, and coaching. You will also learn skills to improve your communication. The tools and insights surrounding the 12 competencies in this section will help you develop the skills to encourage greatness in others.

Leaders Are Authentic


The most powerful leadership quality is being authentically who you are. Cultivating greatness in yourself and others, without turning into someone you are not, is the mark of a world-class leader. In this module, you will discover the resources, tips, and insights needed to focus on developing authenticity. Skills such as recognizing defining moments, being open, and thinking, doing and relating authentically will help you to discover your true leadership style. Once you are able to understand your strengths and personality, your leadership skills can grow exponentially.

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This training program begins with our TriMetrix DNA Leadership Profile provided to the participants. This includes the three sciences of behaviors (based on DISC), Motivators, and Competencies. The competencies portion of the assessment becomes the baseline measurement to look at how they have improved over a 12-month or more period.

While working with The Vantage Group over the past five years, my company has grown an additional $2.5MM, we’ve established a national client base, and our net margin as a percent of revenue doubled. Their advice, sympathetic ear, external perspective, and occasional kick-in-the-pants has been a critical part of our success.
Carl Erickson

CEO, Atomic Object


Our mission is to engage leaders in creating an environment for their people to flourish and therefore own and deliver their part in the strategy of the organization.

The result is a unified team that has high morale, clarity of purpose and focused goal execution and an organization that attracts top talent as well as “raving fan” customers.

Vantage has been instrumental in helping us with our succession planning. We now have a clear roadmap for development and leadership preparation for future generations of our family.
Cliff Meeuwsen