Have leaders in your organization made hiring decisions based on what they “think” they want versus what they actually need?


Are you concerned that unconscious bias is hindering the creation of a level playing field for talent-related decision-making? 

Are you looking for solutions that consistently identify right fit talent and enable you to build diverse, high performance teams? 

Now more than ever, organizations are becoming aware of the issues related to subjectivity and bias that have crept into talent-related decisions. Hiring the wrong fit can cost your company two to three times a position’s salary. In addition, studies show that companies with diverse workforces achieve higher revenue performance.  Businesses must seek ways to secure the best talent in today’s highly competitive environment.

Whether it’s recruiting, hiring, development or internal promotions, subjectivity and bias are typically found in the decision-making process throughout the entire talent life cycle. So how do you create consistent accountability for talent related decisions that match right fit talent and increase diverse representation across your teams? 

It’s possible through the objective lens of benchmarking reports.  Benchmarking gives you an accurate reading of the specific needs of the role compared with the unique makeup of each candidate.

First, Vantage Will Benchmark the Job

All jobs have unique requirements for behavior. These behaviors can be determined by the results of the Job Insights questionnaire, produced by the people who know the job. The result of this is a set of bar graphs that define required, job-related behaviors such as: Frequent Interaction with Others, Customer Oriented, Versatility, Frequent Change, Urgency, Competitiveness, Organized Workplace, and Analysis of Data.

In addition, all jobs have inherent rewards and a predominant culture that drive performance excellence. When the job’s rewards and culture are in line with the person performing the job, then the result is performance excellence. People whose values, or motivators, are in line with that job’s rewards will excel.

Second, Vantage Will Determine the Candidates’ Talent


People have unique behaviors that can be matched to jobs, but seldom are! When a person’s behaviors are in sync with the job, the result is increased performance and employee satisfaction. Common behaviors range from outgoing and assertive, to soft-spoken, mild and reserved; from adventurous and daring, to controlled and restrained, and everything in between. The job applicants who complete our reports respond to questions that define these unique behaviors.

Like jobs, people have inherent values, or motivators, that drive their behaviors. Top Talent Fast Track helps to define those as well, such as “desiring a return on investment of time and money,” and “finding personal rewards in continuous learning.”

Now, Match Talent to the Job


The right talent in the right job equals top performance and employee satisfaction, which is exactly what every company wants! After completing the job benchmark with Top Talent Fast Track, and defining talent with our reports, you have a total of 14 separate factors that are key to finding the right fit.

Next, you can compare and match the job’s required behaviors and rewards/culture to a candidate’s ideal behaviors and motivators. You have produced a valuable piece of the information you need to make the best decisions on hiring top talent.

This information is also applied to our search process to find the talent. We will help you develop a job description, key accountabilities needed, compensation plans, interviewing guidelines, finding the talent and initial culling of resumes.

Move Forward Without Conflict of Interest


You can rely on Vantage to find the right talent from defining the job to presenting the best talent to you for final interviews. We are not a placement firm and we only work for you. We don’t focus our efforts on placing clients who have paid us to find them a job. Many recruiting firms handle both ends of the recruitment game, and often make far more money if they place an individual that has paid them to be placed. Therefore the recruitment firm has a substantial vested interest in directing you towards their existing client base although that may not be in your best interests.

Continue to Develop Top Talent for Your Organization

The application of Top Talent Fast Track does not stop after the hiring process. Use this insightful behavior and values report to continue developing top talent for your organization. With the addition of coordinating reports such as Success Insights™ Management-Staff and Workplace Motivators™, you can produce further detailed information ideal for coaching, talent development, and performance appraisals.


At Vantage, we look at the employee retention process from a lifecycle perspective. From hiring and orientation, to promoting self-awareness and personal development, to enhancing team performance, to exiting when necessary, we work with you to create an outstanding outcome.


We look beyond just the hiring process to ensure that your talent will be equipped to do their best work, as well as engaged and motivated as a part of your team. Contact us to talk about how we can help.

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