Whether you are a seasoned executive or transitioning to a new role, you want insights and targeted support that quickly expands your capabilities. For more than 20 years, The Vantage Group has been providing a demonstrated return on executive coaching investment by pushing beyond the typical standards offered by most coaches. This has resulted in measurable, systemic change that can profoundly transform a leader’s perspective, performance and bottom-line results. 

We’ve coached executives, multiple generations from family-owned businesses, to high potentials and leadership teams from start-up businesses, to large manufacturers. We can help you or your  leaders:

  • Improve leadership skills and performance to increase impact and influence
  • Successfully transition to a new company or role
  • Enhance the productivity and interactions of a team
  • Increase self-awareness and emotional intelligence 
  • Foster a greater commitment to accountability in order to help achieve results more quickly  and communicate more effectively 
  • Address behaviors that stand in the way of advancement 



We are here to both support and challenge leaders in reaching new levels of performance and satisfaction. Following is our executive leadership coaching process:


  • The coaching begins with a pre-coaching assessment with our Trimetrix HD® Leadership Assessment that examines behaviors, communication style, primary drivers for the individual, decision-making capabilities, acumen capacity in increasingly complex roles, leadership competencies and emotional quotient. This helps the individual to identify key leadership areas and behaviors that need improvement and helps map the course to take in the coaching process.


  • Once goals for coaching are established with the individual, the coach meets with and encourages the involvement of an accountability team made up of the leader’s direct reports to set a baseline for performance and help hold the leader accountable for their goals.


  • There are basically four commitments we look for from the individual being coached and their accountability team:
    1. Let go of past behaviors and habits that hinder performance
    2. Offer support and encouragement
    3. Be open and honest to maximize results
    4. Commit to change


  • One-on-one coaching sessions target the leader’s individual perceptual, developmental and leadership needs. The focus of leadership is people. Leadership opportunities are earned by getting things done. You become a leader when you get things done through others. In the coaching process, we strive to address and improve the following:
    1. How do they make people feel, especially under stress?
    2. How do they maximize the skills and talents of others?
    3. How are they instilling a sense of mission?
    4. How are they developing others?
    5. How are their values, not urgencies, guiding decisions?


  • We finish up the coaching engagement with a post-coaching comparison of goals, gaps identified and comparison of exit assessments to measure performance improvement.

Corporate executive coaching engagements are generally contracted in 12 session intervals with the individual and monthly meetings with accountability team members. Sessions are offered in-person, on the phone, online or as a combination of both. They are available on-site at your organization, online, or at our office located in Cascade, Michigan. 


Vantage provides coaching that can give you the competitive edge you require. 


Coaching is a partnership between the executive and the coach. Coaching helps executives to be better equipped to deal with leadership issues such as leading change, recruiting and retaining key people,  navigating organization politics and working effectively with executive teams and boards of directors. It gives individuals specific tools and strategies that can be applied to their leadership development. Ultimately, coaching helps the executive to perform at their optimum level… no matter what challenges come along.


Prior to coaching from Vantage, there was no work-life balance in my life the first 9 months at my new job as Chief Technology Officer, but with their help I was able to deliver on a new vision that brought back balance not only into my life but also to a lot of people that I lead at work. Vantage helped me sort through the clutter and noise and focus on key issues and priorities. 


After working with The Vantage Group, our executive team learned how to better interact with each other and build a strategy and succession plan that has enabled us to execute our goals in ways we have never done before. The coaching we received allowed us to successfully transition to the new team after the retirement of our CEO. 

SHELLY TROUTMAN, COO, Outpatient Imaging Affiliates

While working with The Vantage Group over the past five years, my company has grown an additional $5.5MM, we’ve established a national client base, and our net margin as a percent of revenue doubled. Their advice, sympathetic ear, external perspective, and occasional kick-in-the-pants have been a critical part of our success. 


We met the team at Vantage several years ago to help us with our VP of Operations for our Global  Manufacturing. However, in my conversations with one of their coaches, I realized I was personally missing opportunities to show up as my best self as the leader of our Executive Team. That is not to say I didn’t have good relationships or wasn’t effective at getting things done, it just often included not recognizing the impact I was having on those around me. The results of our coaching sessions have allowed me to be a much more effective and empathetic leader and has helped me produce even greater results in every way. 


The Vantage Group’s leadership training programs and executive coaching sessions have definitely had a positive impact on our organization! Prior to putting our leadership development workshops together, Vantage spent time with our staff learning our strengths and challenges as a leadership team so that they could tailor the program to our specific needs. The result was a series of training sessions that covered exactly what we needed to further strengthen the leadership skills and practices within our organization, and which provided tools and ideas that our leaders were able to put into practice right away. I have received great feedback from our leadership team about their sessions and coaching and the results they have seen in their own personal growth, as well as the increased collaboration of the teams they manage as a result of the practices learned in their lessons. 


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