Provide better options for selecting and recruiting through more comprehensive information and “ah-ha” moments.

Talent Insights

Implementing the findings of a TTI Talent Insights® Report (DISC + 12 Driving Forces®) will help you paint a more complete picture of your employees by revealing their behaviors and drivers in one comprehensive report.

This assessment provides a more comprehensive level for helping you understand how to lead and communicate more effectively by looking at a glance at a combined report.

Talent Insights is an assessment tool that identifies a person’s behaviors and drivers, helping to predict how and why a person will move to action in any given situation.


  • As part of their hiring process to select the best candidates
  • To onboard effectively
  • As a tool to coach employees
  • As a resource for people development and to manage conflict
  • To develop leaders that will elevate the company from within

TriMetrix ACI

TriMetrix® ACI Shows You More:

This assessment examines an individual’s behaviors, drivers and capacity to perform a particular job.

TriMetrix ACI report reveals specific details in these three areas that describe behaviors (the how), drivers (the why) and capacity (the can) of superior performance.

This report consists of 3 sciences: Behaviors, 12 Driving Forces® and Acumen.

With TriMetrix ACI, you can pinpoint the candidate’s likelihood of success in the role, saving you from costly bad hires or cultural misfits.


  • Hire the most qualified candidates, especially at executive levels
  • Build high-performing teams utilizing the ACI report insights
  • Get an in-depth knowledge of individuals (their “how,” “why,” and “can”)
  • Ensure a candidate has the capacity to perform in a specific role

TriMetrix DNA

Want to hire and retain the best talent?

By implementing the insights of this report, you have a research-based tool that will create results and an environment where people are more engaged and productive.

A TriMetrix® DNA (DISC + 12 Driving Forces® + Competencies) assessment will provide a report that shows you an individual’s job-related skills in combination with their behavior and drivers.

Using TriMetrix DNA shows you a person’s strengths and weaknesses. These insights are used for personal and professional development. It gives you a variety of ways to achieve a higher level of results.


  • Develop talent more effectively
  • Hire from entry to executive level
  • Identify and develop future leaders

TriMetrix EQ

Want to get a clear picture of your staff? Understand their behaviors (the how) and drivers (the why), in combination with EQ (how they react). This assessment will unveil the strengths and weaknesses in three important areas.

TriMetrix® EQ enables you to dive deeper and paint a more complete story of an individual.

This assessment tool combines three sciences: Behaviors, Drivers and Emotional Quotient. You can use this assessment to elevate the understanding of your talent.


  • Develop talent more effectively
  • Resolve conflict
  • Identify future leaders

TriMetrix HD

Quickly Assess the Level of Mastery

When it is important to understand a person at his/her deepest level, TriMetrix® HD reveals precise details of behaviors, drivers, skills and capacity in one impactful report.

You will be enabled to see the most accurate and detailed picture of a person’s “how”, “why”,”what”(have done) and “what” (can do) to uncover insights into all levels of their talent.

With a TriMetrix HD report, will help you revitalize your business, by meticulously hiring the right individuals and maximize team communication and effectiveness.


  • Reveal the best candidates for vital roles in the organization
  • Select and develop individuals who are capable and motivated to perform
  • Build and motivate a team to its full potential and profitability
  • Analyze and identify the key strengths of an individual during the hiring process for leadership and other exempt positions

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