Behavioral research suggests that star performers are those who understand themselves, both their strengths and weaknesses, so they can develop strategies to meet the demands of their environment. For any leadership development efforts to be successful, and in-depth assessment of current leaders or high-potentials is needed to focus your efforts in the right direction.

The Vantage Group’s assessment solutions provide a great launching point for your organization to more fully optimize your current leadership. Tools such as DISC or 360s ensure you have a leadership development program that is aligned with your goals and responsibilities in your organization.

Leadership TriMetrix HD

Based on a unique 55-factor analysis, TriMetrix HD will help you discover superior talent, improve communication, reduce turnover and increase overall productivity. TriMetrix HD brings the four sciences of behaviors, motivators, acumen and competencies together in a validated, bias-free and fully integrated assessment that meets EEOC and OFCCP requirements. After completing the assessment, a leader is presented with a report on how she will perform in various situations, what motivates her behavior, what she “has done” in 25 research based competencies related to the business environment, and both how her judgment impacts interaction with the external world, and her own self-perception.

Super 360

What is a multi-rater feedback, such as a 360, and, most importantly, why does it matter? Easy enough to answer. Multi-rater feedback is a fundamental element in best practice employee and leadership development. In fact, the Performance Management Standard, written by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), indicates that gathering feedback from individuals other than an employee’s manager to assess performance is a best practice related to goal setting and management. 360-degree multi-rater feedback can deliver a host of benefits to both the employee and the organization. For example, research has found that when leadership development includes multi-rater feedback, organizations see: More accurate, credible and reliable performance ratings, increased acceptance of performance feedback, improved leadership performance, and higher functioning work teams.

Team Performance Survey, The DISC DNA, Online Resources and Coaching

Do you have teams within your organization that are experiencing higher than normal turnover? Are these teams ineffective with communication and not delivering the results you need? Teams are the engines that drive your business, yet all too often senior managers are busy working rather than concentrating on their most important asset—their team. The Team Edition from The Vantage Group was designed to give team leaders and learning professionals a simple, powerful set of tools to improve team performance. The Team Edition provides:

  1. Team Performance Survey that measures each team along 7 critical dimensions
  2. DISC DNA Assessments to gain powerful insight of both personal and team personality preferences and competencies
  3. Hundreds of tips, tools, videos and coaching via a web-based, personalized subscription that is organized by competencies of team members
  4. Personalized team coaching from one of our certified coaches
  5. Follow-up Team Performance Survey to measure improvement and progress among the 7 critical team dimensions

The Team Edition provides teams with the tools to find out what they need to improve, the tools and insight to understand the issues at an interpersonal level, and the on-demand resources to take action. And, importantly, the ability to measure progress. All this is provided with the expert guidance from The Vantage Group’s coaches.

The Team Power Tool

Cost of employee turnover is .5 to 1.5 times annual salary. Teams that stop the bleeding of top performers save organizations thousands of dollars. Contented employees provide 3x’s revenue growth. When culture and strategy align, companies have 4x’s revenue growth and 12x’s stock value. Engaged workplaces yield 38% increase in productivity and 27% increase in profitability. Improving employee satisfaction 15% increases financial performance 40%. (Source: Gallup)

Take a look at how our Executive Coaching process works using the information provided by these assessments:

Find out how more proper assessing can help us focus on the most important business issues and opportunities facing you, then we can devise a plan that follows the shortest path to the results you need.