The Prioritized Leader

Do you struggle to get your leadership team all on the same page? Do you find yourself tempted to prioritize profits at the expense of your people, vision and values? A leader who lives out the right perspective brings inspiration, energy, collaboration and focus to those around them. They bring about a greater good than the individual members could ever do on their own. They lead with humble confidence as well as courageous action. This is the perspective that’s needed to go after greatness in business today. 

Our Prioritized Leader solution focuses on the 5 P’s – Purpose, People, Pace, Perception and Profit. Let’s walk through each of the P’s at a high level:


It’s about knowing and living the “why” of your organization, being able to articulate a clear and compelling future. The currency is vision and values.


The level of health and productivity we have with our colleagues and connections. The currency is encouragement and accountability.


Discerning how fast (or slow) the organization needs to move to sustain long-term success, capitalize on opportunities, and preserve capital. The currency is time and energy.


Choosing a growth mindset, staying open to creative solutions and new ideas. The currency is insight and innovation.


The effective management, investment and release of an organization’s resources. The currency is dollars and cents.
Our framework brings the many interrelated parts of leadership into play, including: vision, trust, influence, character, service, motivation, inspiration and empowerment, just to name a few. This approach allows for a common language, clarity of goals and outcomes, and an increased focus and discipline from all involved.

Are you ready to get your team on track, aligned and embodying the 5 P’s? If you want your business to be set up for long term, healthy success, our TPL program may be just what you need. If you’re ready to experience the perfect solution to deliver results, reach out to us today. The prioritized Leader is available in on-line or in-person trainings for individuals or group trainings and assessments. Don’t keep struggling to get your team aligned for success.

Want to know more about this framework? Contact us for more information and to learn how you can complete the Prioritized Leader Assessment.

While working with The Vantage Group over the past five years, my company has grown an additional $2.5MM, we’ve established a national client base, and our net margin as a percent of revenue doubled. Their advice, sympathetic ear, external perspective, and occasional kick-in-the-pants has been a critical part of our success.
Carl Erickson

CEO, Atomic Object


Our Mission is to help organizations move as a unified team toward common, leader-modeled outcomes that can result in “raving fan” customers; high staff morale; clarity of purpose; focused goal execution and meaningful results.
Vantage has been instrumental in helping us with our succession planning. We now have a clear roadmap for development and leadership preparation for future generations of our family.
Cliff Meeuwsen


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