As you look around your office, you may see people who are the picture of productivity. But looks can be deceiving. Your workplace may actually be a breeding ground for stress, which is slowly chipping away at the collective morale, and the individual spirit of your most valuable people. Often times stress rises and spreads unbeknownst to even the most empathic leaders.

Stress Quotient®: an accurate diagnostic for revealing the stressors at play in your office

This assessment helps you understand whether or not the stress in your office is dramatically rising and hampering productivity, killing your culture or staying within reasonable levels. Once you know, you can address the root causes — which can include lack of job fit, miscommunications or mismanagement. Stress Quotient® is available in individual and group versions.


Stress manifests in different ways for different individuals. For some, it takes the form of a physical toll, while for others, it may cause memory loss or distraction. The four main signs of stress are…


Low energy, aches and pains, frequent illness

Irritability, feeling overwhelmed, moodiness

Inability to concentrate, memory problems

Eating or sleeping issues, procrastination, nervous habits


How the Stress Quotient® Assessment Works:

After everyone within a work group or organization completes the Stress Quotient® assessment, results are examined as a group. Themes emerge, and help distinguish if and in what areas an organization is experiencing detrimental stress.

The Team Stress Analyzer is now available with anonymous input to help teams share vital confidential information to resolve workplace team stress. The Team Stress Anayzer can help…

✔ Get a pulse on your company’s stress levels

✔ Explore seven common origins of workplace stress

✔ Begin to strategize a plan to address problem areas