“I used to hate coming to strategic planning sessions prior to working with The Vantage Group.
After working with them we discovered that we can meet our goals and it can be enjoyable.”

Jennifer Czarnopys, Chief Financial Officer at Service 1 Federal Credit Union


Strategic planning is probably the most important task of the senior management team, yet many business owners throw up their hands in frustration and abandon both plan and process because of bad experiences, such as:

  • No one follows the goals or strategies discussed
  • There are too many goals… sometimes goals for setting goals
  • There is no distinction between a strategy and a tactic… so everything becomes a strategy
  • Goals are often vague and/or poorly defined
  • Time… there’s never enough to plan or to follow through
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We believe that a well designed, well-facilitated approach to planning can make all the difference in the world, and we’re ready to help you with every step of the process from pre-work to action planning.

Our two-day corporate planning retreat is designed expressly for overburdened management teams. It takes them out of the pressure cooker of the corporate environment and puts them in a neutral setting where they can focus on the essential issues of a successful strategy.

The Vantage Group accelerates momentum by providing a professional facilitator to keep discussions focused and by assuring you have a finished plan document within ten days from the completion of your retreat. And unlike many plans conceived in crowded, time-shortened meetings, your new strategy will provide immediate advantages.

The culmination of the retreat is a plan that includes Team developed goals, reflecting the consensus of your executive team. It’s focused on a small number of clearly identified, major goals and embodies individual team members’ commitment to achieve the goals. It also contains a follow-up program to keep your team on course with fully documented plans with action plans and due dates.

The Vantage Group provides a comprehensive, two-day program for developing a meaningful, practicable corporate strategy. Here’s how it works:

  • Call us to sign up – 616-676-3330
  • Have each member of your team spend one hour on an input form
  • Show up for the two-day planning retreat
  • Let us facilitate the entire process for one small flat fee

Once you sign up and are accepted for the program, you will get FREE access to our Management Style Assessments for each of your planning team members (up to 12 assessments). Sign up to try a free sample.

Strategic Planning’ was a dreaded word in our organization prior to working with The Vantage Group. The 2-day retreats have introduced us to planning that makes sense for our organization, and for the first time we are actually seeing our goals being met. This has not only been helpful to our overall strategy, but has served as a great team-building tool to get the team all on the same page. We like it so well that we have already scheduled our 4th retreat with The Vantage Group.

Gary Vos

CEO, Dan Vos Construction