Interested in improving your sales performance? From Sales Management training, to topical training programs, to coaching, to free resources, we’ve got you covered! Get more information about our training below, and be sure to reach out to us with questions and to get started.

Seven Step Sales Management Training

Our seven-step training program for Sales Managers gives you the confidence and knowledge you need to help your sales team succeed:

  1. Recruiting and Hiring
  2. Set Clear Performance Expectations (Keep or Kick Tool)
  3. Defined Sales Process (with a consistent training program to reinforce)
  4. Coach your Team (Learn the 9 step process)
  5. Have an Accountability Plan (correct when they go off course)
  6. Measure Performance
  7. A Plan to Sustain Growth

Other Sales Management Training Programs Available:

✔ How to coach your team

✔ Discover your team’s strengths and weaknesses

✔ Using Assessments for sales coaching

When it comes to improving your sales, Vantage can help you achieve the results you desire. We offer the following services to help you and your team get breakthrough sales results:

Sales Management Consulting
(Setting up effective sales processes, sales team training, establishing management practices for managing a sales team, CRM setup and training)

✔ Interim Sales Management Services

✔ Sales Hiring and Assessments
(Hiring the right salespeople for your organization is vital – in addition to our other hiring and retention strategies, we utilize sales-specific hiring assessments and recruiting assessments to help Sales Managers effectively onboard and coach their sales teams and develop top performer profiles.)

✔ Sales Training

✔ Sales Coaching

Topical Sales Training Programs

Each of our sales training programs works on a specific challenge to improve on your weaknesses and maximize your strengths. Our programs are tailored to meet your specific needs and take your sales skills to the next level:

  • Implement Your Sales Process:
    Boil down your sales process into simple, actionable tactics. Then we teach you how to train it to your sales team.
  • Steps of the Sale:
    Help your sales team be positioned as strategic advisors with well-defined steps and proper pre-planning.
  • Making the Most of “Follow Up”:
    One of the weakest areas of sales can become your strongest with our training.
  • Qualifying a Prospect:
    We teach positioning, prospecting and pre-call planning to discover the best-qualified prospects.
  • Referrals:
    Our referral strategies can help your sales team capitalize on a widely under-utilized prospecting tool.
  • Conflict Management:
    Learn how to expertly navigate conflicts with clients and turn these situations into honest relationships and improved collaboration.
  • Developing Expectations:
    Arm your sales team with a variety of solutions to common and potential client issues.
  • Know Your Numbers:
    Understanding your sales numbers is important to the success of your sales team, and in ensuring you reach your sales goals.

Check Out Our Free Sales Resources and Tools, and Client Case Studies


Learn how to diagnose whether you have a “Value Proposition” issue with your sales proposals.


Take a quiz to see where you stand! Your score will help you identify how you can further improve your sales skills and grow in the sales practice.

THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN – Seven Competencies That Drive Breakthrough Sales Results

A high IQ might make you a genius, but it’s high EI that will put you on top in the business world. EI stands for Emotional Intelligence, which is the ability to recognize and understand your own emotions and the emotions of others. Emotional competency is the ability to efficiently use that information.


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