Our workshops are designed to help you to set up goals and implement what you’ve learned about yourself and your team and the best ways to apply your strengths.


Each workshop is preceded by an in-depth questionnaire to assess specific needs within individuals and teams to help tailor a custom workshop that is not boilerplate.


Each workshop is designed to help build the team with practical application to their job and their team. Our workshops go well beyond a “feel good” session, but rather become the foundation for better team interactions.

The Fast Track to Better Marketing and Sales program was fantastic in helping each individual in the course encapsulate what we really should be talking about to our clients in order to get their attention in the most appropriate way. In our high tech industry, we have a tendency to talk process before purpose. Turning that around creates a much more compelling message. As an experienced marketing professional, I especially benefited from taking a fresh look at all of our processes and materials. The most valuable lessons were on strengthening and clarifying our elevator speech; on how to inform, educate and drive traffic to our website; and on the importance of taking advantage of public speaking opportunities.
Ryan Stoops

Vice President of Marketing, Open Scan Technologies

The Vantage Group provides a variety of team-building and training programs that place emphasis on active participation and field application. More than merely feel-good sessions, these professionally presented packages are a working template for productive behavior and continuous personal improvement. Here are just a few of the options we offer:


This workshop facilitates teams working together effectively, and our Team Performance Survey has proven to be a valuable tool in meeting this challenge. Knowledge of individual differences will help teams identify the particular talents and gifts that each member of the team brings to his or her task; and this knowledge can help reduce conflict by reframing potential sources of misunderstanding as natural individual differences.


This is a very powerful communication workshop that incorporates sophisticated computerized behavioral communication assessments and insights to team interactions through the Team Insights Wheel. The Dynamic Communication™ workshop stresses application in visual terms everyone can understand and apply. This along with Your Attitude Is Showing workshop will result in building long lasting relationships and increasing employee satisfaction. A workbook is also included with the seminar for each participant.


Often people lack the words to articulate why they do the things they do, or why they feel the way they feel. This workshop raises the awareness of one’s attitude and values and empowers them to a more satisfying lifestyle. This along with the Dynamic Communication™ workshop is the path to great communication. A workbook is included for each workshop participant.


This workshop is specially designed for the entrepreneur and is a step-by-step introduction to developing a marketing plan that works to attract more customers. The Fast Track presentation gives an overview of the Seven Fast Track Marketing Principles that are proven to attract more clients to your business. A free 23-page workbook is available for seminar attendees. A more in-depth on-site or tele-session program is available for organizations interested in going deeper into developing their marketing plan.


A complex or unclear sales strategy might be hindering your organization’s success. Grow your company and generate customer loyalty by simplifying your sales approach. Through the use of our Sales Strategy Index assessment, skill gaps can be identified and workshops or training tailored for the sales team will develop and improve performance and team building.

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