You run your business for many reasons, and you expect productivity increases from your greatest asset—your people. We work very closely with clients to do everything possible to increase their productivity.


  • Diagnose your existing team(s) identifying strengths and dysfunctions

  • Create a pathway to achieving the characteristics of an effective team

  • Discover ways to open up lines of communication and reduce miscommunication

  • Gain an understanding of how an individual’s actions affect the team

  • Learn how to deal with conflicts more effectively

  • Find better ways to gain enthusiastic cooperation from other people

  • Improve efficiency within your team

  • Develop a “results focus”

  • Improve performance, develop leaders and reduce conflict through expert guidance and coaching

  • Experience a clear, measurable process to team building and leadership development

We believe in empowering our clients to be better managers, have better hiring practices, implement easy to use organizational alignment tools, and be mentors to future leaders by giving them the tools to carry it out. We will help you learn how to apply our online tools to produce the results you’re looking for with the least amount of struggle.



One company ran 120 people through the Dynamic Communications Process and had a 50% increase in employee satisfaction.


Another family-owned business has successfully implemented our two-day strategic planning workshops for 3 years and has seen a steady revenue growth of 15% annually.


After implementing our Revenue Fast Track Program, a software company has seen 45% sales growth over two years and now has all new business come as a result of a website that followed the marketing action plan principles.


With the CEO of a family owned business retiring in 5 years, Vantage has set up a coaching and mentoring program to prepare the next generation for leadership. This program is 3 years in the process and on schedule to meet the CEO’s retirement goals.


Constant family conflict was interfering in the daily operations of a large family owned business. After helping them set up a family governance structure and restructuring the board of directors, family conflict was eliminated with the family working together for a common goal.


An organization had a 74% turnover in their sales force. After benchmarking and debriefing, they reduced that number to zero during the last 18 months.


A healthcare organization was experiencing over 85% turnover annually among the nursing staff in a particular department. The team was assessed for communication skills and the problem areas were quickly identified and corrected. Turnover was reduced to 5% in just 6 months after the changes were instituted.


A service organization was losing 60% of all new hires during their first 60 days on the job. Using our assessment tools, they changed the hiring process resulting in no turnover for the last 60 days.

“While this week was incredibly invigorating, it was also incredibly exhausting and busy. Hence, why it has taken me a few days to extend my gratitude for an absolutely amazing strategic planning event this week. Considering that it was ITS’ first strategic planning session and that there were a lot of underscoring personal relationship dynamics going on, I’m amazed at our outcomes!


“Thank you for your continued patience, professionalism, and insight as to the best way for us to all develop personally, professionally, and most importantly, as a team. I so look forward to our continued partnership!”


Karie Droge, SHRM-SCP, Director of Human Resources
Integrity Tree Services

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