Too often, business partnerships do not seek consultation in the early stages of development to outline ways to deal with business impasses and conflict between partners. At best, they may seek crisis intervention when the partnership is on the verge of collapsing. We find that typically, stress among partners occurs when there are revenue problems, or the company is growing faster than the competencies of the partners to manage it successfully. We assist business partners manage the interpersonal dynamics at all stages of their relationship and business venture and help them come to a common understanding to manage their business constructively.



✔ Define the values that brought the partners together
✔ Clarify vision of the relationship and/or business
✔ Build constructive communication skills
✔ Surface values and expectations and negotiate agreements
✔ Establish clear roles and boundaries
✔ Unravel the true cause of the conflicts
✔ Rebuild trust when an agreement is violated
✔ Help partners transition out of the relationship, if desired

You may even be experiencing conflict among team members within your company that needs intervention. No matter what stage you are in, we can help you realize the potential within your personal and business partnership. Contact us today for a free initial meeting to evaluate how we can assist your challenging situation.

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