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In 2015, The Vantage Group set a goal to make a positive impact by donating the use of its assessments to those in need and in underserved communities through its 100 Lives Project. These complimentary assessments are being used at non-profits, in families and in outreach organizations around our community.

During community service projects, we have given our time and expertise to impact the lives of employees, students, families, non-profit organizations, youth groups and many others. If you know of an organization that could benefit from this help, please contact us today to tell us more about it and how they can apply for our help.

The Vantage Group partners with HQ and 3:11 Youth Housing in our community to support the needs of youth that are experiencing homelessness and need a safe place to connect and get access to key resources and have safe housing:

HQ is a drop-in center for youth ages 14-24 in housing crisis — youth who don’t have a safe place to call home, are couch surfing, sleeping outside, or just need a safe place to connect with caring adults.

The HQ drop-in center is a free resource to youth in crisis. At HQ, are youth can use their space and resources in two-hour blocks at a time or by personal appointment.

While they’re at HQ, youth have access to all of HQ’s resources at their discretion, including laundry, warm meals, and showers. HQ believes these basic needs resources are fundamental to living a realized life and should be free. If you would like to partner with us to support this great organization, go here to the HQ website.

Since 2012, 3:11 has been providing housing to young people, ages 18 to 24, in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

3:11 exists to provide a supportive network to our young people, and through your support, community partnerships, and the work of our youth, they hope to be able to house even more of the 2,000 young people experiencing homelessness throughout Kent County each year.

If you would like to partner with us to support this great organization, go here to the 3:11 Youth Housing website.

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